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Railroad Accident Reporting

Final rule.
FRA is amending the railroad accident reporting regulations in several ways. First, railroads are required to adopt internal control procedures to ensure accurate reporting of accidents, casualties, injuries, illnesses and highway-rail grade crossing accidents. Second, railroads are allowed the option to submit, update, and amend accident, casualty, and highway-rail accident reports through transfer of information on computer diskettes, magnetic tapes, or electronically over telephone lines. Third, the accident and injury reporting forms, including definitions, are amended to allow for the collection of additional safety information. Fourth, injury and illness, as well as derailment and collision, recordkeeping requirements are amended to require the recordation of reportable and accountable, i.e., nonreportable, illnesses and injuries as well as the recordation of reportable and accountable rail equipment accidents and incidents. Finally, the method for calculation of the accident reporting monetary threshold is amended to allow for use of publicly available data and statistics. The purpose of the rule is to enhance the quality of information FRA collects pertaining to rail equipment accidents and incidents, as well as illnesses, injuries and casualties to railroad employees, passengers and other persons on railroad property.