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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information from the FRA

The world is experiencing an expanding outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus (COVID-19). FRA encourages railroads to be informed and prepared.

The April 18, 2022, court decision (Health Freedom Defense Fund, Inc. et al v. Biden et al) means that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) public transportation masking order is not in effect at this time.  Therefore, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will not enforce its Security Directives requiring mask use on public transportation and in transportation hubs at this time.  Similarly, the Federal Railroad Administration will not enforce Emergency Order No. 32, Emergency Order Requiring Face Mask Use in Railroad Operations, at this time.  CDC recommends that people continue to wear masks in indoor public transportation settings.  Also, TSA’s withdrawal of its directives does not preclude a transportation operator from imposing its own face mask requirements.   

Overview Reports

Use the following dashboard to access COVID-19 data related to Illness Associated with COVID-19, Waiver Utilization Summary, Waiver Utilization by Location, Rail Industry Velocity & Terminal Dwell Ranges, Active Rail Industry Embargoes, and Freight Originations.

  • Use the filters on top of each dashboard to drill down by the various measures presented within the individual dashboards.
  • All dates shown represent the end of the weekly reporting period (Sunday - Saturday). The data is uploaded to the dashboards on the Friday after the weekly reporting period, as such there is a one week lag in the data.
    • Given the large reporting period, it is best to view data by a limited range of days. FRA has prepared unfiltered dashboards for the Waiver Utilization by Location and the Rail Industry Velocity & Terminal Dwell Ranges reports that can be downloaded as a .csv file which provide the full timeframe of data. Click on the link below to access the full range of data for the specific report:

      • Waiver Utilization by Location data can be downloaded here.
      • Rail Industry Velocity & Terminal Dwell Ranges data can be downloaded here.
  • To download data from the dashboard, click on the chart or table you wish to download, then select "Download" from the bottom right hand side. Alternatively, you can click on the Excel or PDF image in the upper right hand corner and then, choose the desired format and chart/table you wish to download. Selecting "Crosstab" will download the data as a .csv file. 

Click here to view the dashboards.