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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

NPRM: Miscellaneous Amendments to Brake System Safety Standards and Codification of Waivers

Document Series
Proposed Rule
Federal Railroad Administration
Subject Braking Systems

FRA is proposing to revise its regulations governing brake inspections, tests, and equipment. The proposed changes include the incorporation of relief from various provisions provided in long-standing waivers related to single car air brake tests, end-of train devices, helper service, and brake maintenance. FRA is also proposing to extend the time that freight rail equipment can be “off-air” before requiring a new brake inspection. In addition, FRA is proposing various modifications to the existing brake related regulations for clarity and to remove outdated or unnecessary provisions.

Download 2130-AC67 - NPRM.pdf

The version of the notice of proposed rulemaking posted to FRA’s website is not intended to constitute the official version of the rule.  The official version of the rule will be the version published in the Federal Register in the near future and may appear slightly different than this website posting due to Federal Register formatting requirements.  Any effective dates or other dates will be based on the date the official version is published in the Federal Register.

Last updated: Thursday, December 19, 2019