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Animated Grade Crossing Safety & Trespass Prevention Social Media Campaign

Watching video on smartphoneFishing on rail tracks

Trespassing along railroad rights-of-way is the leading cause of rail-related deaths in America. Nationally, more than 400 trespass fatalities occur each year, the vast majority of which are preventable. Similarly, collisions at highway-rail grade crossings are the second leading cause of rail-related deaths, resulting in approximately 250 deaths annually. People who trespass illegally or try to beat trains at crossings seriously underestimate the dangers. 

In the spring of 2020, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) ran a 15-week targeted social media campaign to raise public awareness and discourage risky behavior around railroad tracks. The animated videos that were part of this campaign are accessible through the links below.

Spread the word about the importance of rail safety by joining our social media outreach efforts and sharing these videos and related FRA social media posts on your own platforms. 


Campaign VideosCrawling under train

Week 1: Always Expect a Train - Fishing (PSA01)

Week 2: Always Expect a Train - Snowboarding (PSA02)

Week 3: Always Expect a Train - Jogging (PSA03)

Week 4: Always Expect a Train - Pool (PSA04)

Week 5: Always Expect a Train - Electric Fence (PSA05)

Week 6: Always Expect a Train - Spray Paint (PSA06)

Week 7: Always Expect a Train - Pizza (PSA07)

Week 8: Always Expect a Train - Photography (PSA08)

Week 9: Always Expect A Train - Basketball (PSA09)

Week 10: Always Expect a Train - Trespassing (PSA10)

Week 11: Always Expect a Train - Throwing Things (PSA11)

Week 12: Always Expect a Train - Beat the Train (PSA12)

Week 13: Always Expect a Train - Train Crossing (PSA13)

Week 14: Always Expect a Train - Mischief (PSA14) 

Week 15: Always Expect a Train - Dog Park (PSA15)