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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings

A report problem banner--dial 18005555555 X-ing 836597H.

The purpose of the ENS sign is to provide the public with critical emergency contact information at every highway-rail grade crossing.  The information contained on the ENS sign enables the public to reach the railroad responsible for the crossing and to identify the specific crossing in the event of an emergency.

ENS Software

The ENS software Supports Implementation and Recordkeeping Required by 49 CFR Part 234 Subpart E

It enables railroads to document calls from the public reporting unsafe conditions at highway-rail and pathway grade crossings and to track the remedial actions taken by the railroad as required by the rule.  The software aids in compliance with the ENS recordkeeping requirements.

To improve highway-rail grade crossing safety, the FRA has developed software, at no cost, for use by railroads and third-party telephone services to quickly identify crossing locations, railroads and EMS contacts for the reporting of crossing safety problems and emergency situations. 


  • Aids with compliance of 49 CFR Part 234 Subpart E reporting requirements
  • Can be used by third-party telephone services and railroads
  • Maintains database of calls and remedial actions taken by railroads
  • Aids in alerting railroads and public safety officials of signal malfunctions, crossing obstructions, and other emergency situations at highway-rail grade crossings
  • Generates reports for critical analysis of recurring malfunctions and other crossing problems


  • Easy-to-use software 
  • Quickly identifies crossings, and logs all calls automatically
  • Built-in digital mapping and flexible search functions
  • Imports crossing data directly from FRA’s National Crossing Inventory file
  • Easy updating of emergency personal contact information for each crossing
  • Generates reports for FRA recordkeeping requirements and critical analysis of problems  

Click here to DOWNLOAD the ENS Software 

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Last updated: Thursday, December 5, 2019