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Rear end collision, Mineral Springs NC

A rear-end collision.
Photo Source:
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB, 2013)

May 2011 Freight train collides with rear of another train at Mineral Springs, NC. Two crewmembers died.

On May 24, 2011, about 3:35AM (EDT), a northbound CSX Transportation (CSX) freight train was traveling at about 48 mph on a single main track when it struck the rear of northbound CSX freight train, which was stopped on the track near Mineral Springs, North Carolina. The struck train was stopped at a red signal near Mineral Springs, waiting for another northbound train on the track ahead to proceed. In the accident, two locomotives and the first nine cars of the striking train and the last four cars of the struck train derailed.  The two crewmembers of the striking train were fatally injured. The two crewmembers of the struck train were treated for minor injuries. Property damage was estimated to be $1.6 million.

Tests that were performed on the signal at Mile Post 316 revealed that the red aspect of the signal was not illuminated and further testing found that the signal lamp for the red aspect was burned out. According to the CSX’s operating rules, the action that is required at the dark signal was the same action required if the signal had been red. In either case, the crew of the striking train was required to reduce the train speed to the most restricting indication.


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